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Feb 25, 2014

Bourbon Steak au Poivre

Libations used: 1/4 cup bourbon...
Libations left over: None, but make yourself a Manhattan or a Boulevardier (they're all the rage right now)...
I very rarely cook steak at home, because frankly, I'm a little nervous to.  Preparing steak has always been relegated to my dad firing up the grill at home, and now my guy friends have taken over the task. The most I've ever contributed to the process is the marinade (I still swear by this Sugar Steak with Bourbon recipe), but I started this blog for a reason, and that's to learn and constantly push myself.  I invited one of my friends over who's a fantastic cook to provide moral support and make sure I didn't light myself on fire with Food 52's Bourbon Steak au Poivre recipe.  Hey, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to go all the way and play with some flaming bourbon here.  I probably should have taken the batteries out of my super sensitive smoke detector first, but having it go off repeatedly is a right of passage.  Make sure you get those long kitchen matches so you don't burn yourself.  The sauce is oniony, sweet, rich, and smacks of delicious bourbon.  It's a quick and flavorful weeknight recipe, and a great dish to prepare for a special dinner for two.

Bourbon Steak au Poivre - serves 2
  • 2 small (6-8 oz) steaks, about 3/4-1 inch thick (I used Rib Eye)
  • 3 Tbs freshly ground black pepper
  • Salt
  • Peanut oil
  • 3 Tbs unsalted butter
  • 1/3 cup finely chopped yellow oninon
  • 1/4 cup bourbon (I used Bulleit)
- Using a paper towel, blot the steaks on both sides, until very dry (this helps you get a good sear)
- Season both sides of the steak with the freshly ground black pepper and salt.
- Coat a cast iron pan with a thin surface of peanut oil and place over high heat.
- When the oil is shiny and hot, turn on those fans above your stove and add the steaks in the pan, cooking on each side for 4 minutes (medium-rare), or longer if you prefer more well-done.
- Remove the steaks to a plate and let rest.
- Add the butter to the same pan and melt.
- Add the onions and sauté until browned and soft (about 2 minutes).
- Turn the fan OFF and reduce the heat to low.
- With a long kitchen match, light the bourbon on fire and let the flames subside.
- When that fire has gone out, pour the sauce over the steaks.